Sell your 'unwanted' CDs, SACDs and DVDs

Up to 4.00 per CD paid. We are always in need of good quality second-hand classical CDs, SACDs and DVDs. If you would like to sell any of your CDs, SACDs and DVDs please telephone us or send a list (by letter, fax or email All offers made by CDs Unlimited are valid for 30 days only. All offers are made on a commercial basis and we reserve the right to refuse any CDs, SACDs and DVDs offered, without explanation. Please do not send CDs, SACDs and DVDs without prior agreement as unsolicited CDs/SACDs/DVDS will not be accepted. Alternatively, for larger collections we can visit for a valuation with no obligation. We can arrange for large quantities to be collected free of charge. We do not purchase CDs, SACDs and DVDs from countries outside of the U.K.

All CDs, SACDs and DVDs must be in excellent condition, with original documentation and free from any degradations e.g 'bronzing', scratches

As a rough guide, our buying rates are as follows:


			Full Price 	Mid Price 	Budget Price
			Up to 4.00	Up to 2.50 	Up to 1.00

Exceptions  to this pricing guide are, deletions, budget labels, discs of under 50 minutes duration, old discs which have been reissued at a lower price, special club offers, discs over three years old, historical and some live recordings. We do not accept ex-library CDs/DVDs/SACDs or downloaded/copied CDs/SACDs/DVDs



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